I am curious about who visits my site, so I installed this guest book. If you send me email (change the first dot in this page's domain name to @ and you'll have my address), I will add your entry to the book. If you were a Stuart and/or Pyrzqxgl user, send your old user name.

Date Name Comments
03/26/96 Look Out Just testing...
03/27/96 Look Out Filling out the form using Lynx.
04/14/96 M.J. I'm learning bass because of Michael Lachowski. Thanks.
04/30/96 dfish thanks for the pylon link!
05/26/96 Jon Shemitz Hi.
09/25/96 Bill Furlow Hello ... from "Elder" ... deep in the northwest woods ... good to see Stuart II preserved ... thanks ...
10/07/96 Look Out Testing new HTTP server.
10/20/96 Steve Guy Hi Look Out! Long time no see!
11/08/96 Look Out Testing [HTTP server].
11/21/96 Look Out Testing [HTTP server].
12/14/96 Triangleman II
02/17/97 marcus cotè irestrand you have a good page
03/03/97 fhausman Probably the coolest retro-site. Data-mining, anyone?
04/04/97 KrISsY I DoNt UnDeRsTaNd ThIs HoMePaGe....can you explane it to me?
05/09/97 bkg thanks for the interesting historical archive!
05/12/97 Look Out Just checking to see if the guest book works still.
05/20/97 Yves Bernier
07/10/97 Look Out Testing with Lynx
07/11/97 Look Out Connecting from June's.
07/21/97 Comet Comet from Pyrzqxgl
09/29/97 Zubie Stuart lives. What a trip. Zubie (AKA Greg Sutherland)
10/09/97 Look Out Testing [HTTP server] set-up.
10/10/97 Look Out Another test of [HTTP server].
12/22/97 Rapunzel Hi :) Long time no see, how've you been?
03/05/98 Mike Van Pelt Just found your web page via Tachyon's list of Stuart/Pyrzqxgl/XBBS people....
06/01/98 Damian Thanks for prodding some memories!
03/07/2001 Doctor Claw Wow! Just found your website, thought I'd drop a line and just say "yo!".
03/23/2001 Mighty Rover Thanks for putting this site up - it is, indeed, a great piece of memorabilia from the Dark Ages of electronic communication!

Wish it was so simple now...

08/14/2001 Cobalt-60 This is me. I am signing your guestbook, so there..
02/20/2002 John22,John40,John80 Wow! IT's still around.
2024-04-06 Ron Hudson I used to sysop the "Abort Retry Ignore" BBS in San Jose - got to see if it left any mark on the world next I think.
Thanks for documenting Pyrzqxgl, It was a unique BBS for the day!

Look Out!

Created March 26, 1996.
Last modified Saturday, April 20, 2024 .