Look Out's Diary


Pylon page (html/pylon.html) now permanently redirects (HTTP 301) to the standalone Pylon page.


pyrzqxgl.com’s 20th birthday.


Added raw message data to each Stuart II message. See Using WWW-Stuart for details.


Fixed a bug in Stuart II. Added monospace font style and white-space preservation to Stuart II’s CSS; this might be experimental.


Updated the RAT. Once every ten years (1988, 1998, 2009, 2019) seems about right.


Hacked up Stuart II: modernized its HTML, added a style sheet, and made it more responsive.


Added a scan image of a 1-FDP note.

Added Nick-moved-to-Oregon after noticing it on Twitter.


Added Nick's brief history of Stuart II, which I tripped over by googling "stuart ii bbs" in an idle moment.


Modified my subtitle.

Added iPhone Safari viewport meta tags.


Updated anchors to sources of the RAT via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. I went way-wayback. The last anchors that worked at the Consumer Information Center were the source of the RAT and Timeless Classics. Also added an anchor for a modern version of Timeless Classics.


Updated and tweaked the format of the RAT.


Commented my mug shot out of, tweaked some HTML on and removed "About Look Out" from home page.


Updated Nick Turner anchor on home page.

Tweaked the layout and made some minor changes to the diary.


I bumped into Nick. He was working at the Smith & Hawken store in the Stanford Shopping Center. I was too shy/chicken to say hi.


Scanned and added new pictures to the Art Gallery.


I started hosting Wizzard's WWW-Stuart II.


Removed or altered all appearances of Look Out's email address. Frickin' spammers.


Added today's guest to the Guest Book.


Updated EFF Blue Ribbon Campaign Home Page anchor on home page.

Updated Nick Turner anchor on home page.

There isn't much of the New York World Trade Center to visit any more. Added "Look Out Visited the World Trade Center" anchor to the home page.


Added last Friday's guest to the Guest Book.


Added today's guest to the Guest Book.


Updated site to XHTML 1.0.


Moved site to http://look-out.pyrzqxgl.com/.

Updated email address in Guest Book, on Message Board and on home page.

Updated host name for "finger" on home page.


Updated Stuart II anchor on home page.


Updated site to strict HTML 4.01.


Changed the site's URL to http://look-out.kerndt.com/.

Removed "What is Pylon?" from home page. Pylon page stands alone now at http://pylon.kerndt.com/. The Pylon page later moved to http://pylon.pyrzqxgl.com/.

Removed "Ubiquitous 'hit' counter" from home page.

Removed the signable part of the Guest Book. No guest book software on new host.

Removed "A hint about what Look Out does for a living," from the home page.


Added "Pylon Track Lists and Hits Cross-Reference" to the Pylon page.


Performed major overhaul on the Pylon page.


Moved image map code out of HEAD section of home page.


Updated Ultimate Band List Entry for Pylon anchor on the Pylon page.

Deleted netnik.com anchor from the Pylon page. netnik.com's "list has been moved to RockAthens."

Added fifth image to the Pylon page.

Added Atlanta Constitution article anchor and Pylon at Piero Scaruffi's History of Rock Music anchor to "Odds-n-Ends" on the Pylon page.

Added sixth image to the Pylon page. Is this too much?


Added OnlineAthens anchor to the Pylon page.

Added "Pylon is..." to the Pylon page.

Added second Pylon Poster Image anchor to "Odds-n-Ends" on the Pylon page.

Added Ultimate Band List Entry for Pylon to the Pylon page.


Updated D-Fish Tribute anchor on the Pylon page.

Deleted "Another Pylon" anchor (target missing) on the Pylon page.


Inspired by my listing on netnik.com, added Interview at Perfect Sound Forever Part 1, Part 2, fourth image URI, "Odds-n-Ends" to the Pylon page.


What's cool about the web? Getting email from a member of the band in response to your fan page! Vanessa writes:

I just checked out your Pylon website again. It looks great. Bob is adding it to his netnik band list on netnik.com.

Updated All-Music Guide URI on the Pylon page.

Hid Erik Michalski's review of Gyrate anchor on the Pylon page. Gyrate review gone on 06/18/1999. Check http://www.erikm.musicpoint.com/contents.htm in the future.

Updated the second image URI on the Pylon page.

Added third image to the Pylon page.


Excluded all robots from entire site.


Slightly revised wording of the Guest Book and RAT.

Updated the source of the RAT anchor on RAT.

Updated the first image URI on the Pylon page.

Added image width and height attributes to the HTML code for the Ubiquious "hit" counter.


Updated All-Music Guide anchor on the Pylon page.


Installed incremental version of HTML server software.


Added another picture to the Pylon page.


Added Trouser Press and Gyrate review anchors to the Pylon page.

Moved the blue ribbon graphic on my home page to my shoulder in the mug shot.

Added client-side image map code to my home page. Try selecting the blue ribbon on my shoulder in the mug shot.


Added today's guest to the Guest Book.


I got hold of an Olympus D-600L digital camera, took a mug shot of myself, tweaked the image with Photoshop and added it to my home page.


Even though the Ubiquitous 'hit' counter has only registered 330 hits, I changed its width from three digits to four.


Added an All-Music Guide anchor and a picture to the Pylon page.


Added all entries made to date to the Guest Book.


Updated "Take the RAT!" with anchors to the source of the RAT. A lot of this site's hits are the result of search engine queries on authors or titles of "timeless classics."


Installed incremental version of HTML server software.


I got married today. On January 12, 1998, I sent an announcement to a short list of BBS pals and the response was gratifying. What was it about those BBS's that attracted such nice people?


Installed incremental version of HTML server software.


Installed new version of HTML server software.

Reorganized directory structure.

Updated Tachyon's URL's.


Corrected HTML errors (no trailing semicolon for '<' and '>') in Guest Book.


Added "Take the RAT!"

Moved the "Pyrzqxgl lists of user names" line to the "Pyrzqxgl" heading. It originally and erroneously was put after the "Stuart II list of usernames." I forgot that the "Defunct BBS's" section was organized hierarchically by BBS.

Took down the "Under Construction" sign. Those were so damned cute in the early days, weren't they?

Updated Nick Turner's URL. Effusive thanks to Tachyon for keeping her "And another thing ... whatever happened to [so-and-so]?" list up-to-date.


Updated DFish Tribute to Pylon's URL on the Pylon page.


Added a Pyrzqxgl List of User Names and Table of User Names from June 23, 1993. The list and table contain identical information; the latter is an HTML table. This list of users was on a piece of paper I found lying near my computer.


Moved the page to my new computer and started using new HTML server software.

Fixed broken links to Nick Turner and Jon Shemitz.


Tweaked the "Ubiquitous 'hit' counter" from 35 to 85 to reflect logged hits.


Added "and/or e-mail address" to the Guest Book.


Added the Guest Book. Please sign it, if you haven't already.

I finally found a Pylon page on the web. My Pylon page now refers to it.


My page is no longer wearing black. One can't mourn forever, but one can emulate red-ribbon-wearing celebrities by continuing to wear the blue ribbon.


My page is wearing black. Here's why. Currently (5:35:33 PM PST), weird stuff is going on when you point at www.eff.org. ("Document moved. This document has moved here [points at self].")

Removed the question, "And whatever happened to The Key Master?" from the Message Board. Rogue tells me that The Key Master "is a project manager at Apple." So I guess that is The Key Master listed in the Finder credits.


Added the blue ribbon graphic and its link to The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Blue Ribbon Campaign for Online Free Speech.


Added the "Ubiquitous 'hit' counter."


Added a Stuart II List of Users from 1-22-85. In 1985, I used a DECwriter hard-copy terminal (and a Racal Vadic 1200 bps modem) to talk to Stuart. The result of my using this terminal is a four-foot-tall stack of paper printouts of my Stuart sessions, which I still have. This list of users is the first one I printed. Using the hard copy as my source, I typed the user list into the HTML file. The date and time are those that Stuart displayed at sign-on. As time and inclination permit, I may add user lists from other dates.

Flipped this page so that it is in reverse chronological order.


Reorganized into sections. Ugly layout still needs work.


Changed this site's port number to a "non-standard" port number. Look Out's official URL is: http://pylon.stanford.edu:1985/.


This page is starting to get out of control. I believe it may be time to organize it better.

A robot named "Scooter" was sniffing at my page this morning. I was a little surprised to find out that these things are running around looking at web sites!


Tachyon sweetly badgered me into creating a Look Out web site and it first appeared today.

Look Out!

Created Monday, December 11, 1995.
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